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Dr. Manuela Priolo
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Dr. Manuela Priolo, IANLP Professional Coach, Communication Expert, Professional Counselor.
TRAINING&CONSULTING. 360° BUSINESS AND LIFE PERFORMANCE COACHING, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND NETWORKING. Perfomance, Excellence, Health, Wellness, Corporate Communication and Coaching, Networking, Connecting Systems.

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"Coaching Pathways" for individual and corporate coaching.

I love Love in itself because it includes all, black and white ... .

I like talking about "coaching path" because coaching is basically a process between Coach and Coachee to move from a present situation to a different one more satisfying for the Client.
It is a process to help people to increase a performance, going beyond present limits by finding out a new perspective on clients' situation i.e. work, relationships in which the person is involved.
It is, basically, a process of empowerment and disclosure of personal resources, to face new challenges, define and achieve new goals.
The Coach, through questions and feedback, stimulates the Coachee to recognize what is already present in his map, beliefs, strategies, excellence and bounds. Coaching help people to find the deepest resources to improve a performance and to face new and challenging situations.
Excellences and limits are part of the same person's operating strategy. The Coach plays the difficult task of exploring and find out how the person operates, that is:
• complex, because there are frequent contradictions, internal conflicts and mismatches of behavior depending on the different contexts in which the individual is located,
• unique, because it is the only path experiences of each individual and unique are the predispositions and innate potentialities.

One of the key points of this process is based on the generative complementarities. The Coach is a sort of a mirror for the Coachee. Through a process of listening, questions and feedback to the Client, the Coach gives back to the Coachee an organizing principle, powerful and effective for his "movement". The coach's job is focused on finding the right words to represent the peculiar way the individual operates. Giving a name to this all means making it clear and recognizable for the Coachee. Once this is evident for him is possible to identify new strategies to deal with present situation and relationships in which he is involved.
Coaching is a process of deep, refined and processed knowledge, significantly far from the paths of personal growth based on quick judgments or skills assessment. This coaching process is a journey of discovery and recognition.

In multinational companies coaching is very common for executive and managerial positions in Italy is spreading rapidly in large companies.

Business coaching focuses on improving performance of the individual in his role identity in a company. Anyway, certain factors are transcontestual and therefore, the person gets a benefit for his whole life.
Specially for entrepreneurs, for whom personal life and business are deeply connected, coaching is particularly suitable.
However, every single person acting in multiple roles and situations is potentially interested in Coaching sessions.




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