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Dr. Manuela Priolo
International Traning&Consulting
Connecting Systems, Weaving Visions
Communication, Counseling, Coaching 360°, Well Being, Network Thinking.

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Dr. Manuela Priolo, IANLP Professional Coach, Communication Expert, Professional Counselor.
TRAINING&CONSULTING. 360° BUSINESS AND LIFE PERFORMANCE COACHING, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND NETWORKING. Perfomance, Excellence, Health, Wellness, Corporate Communication and Coaching, Networking, Connecting Systems.

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We all have an origin, we all come from somewhere....
Awakening Coaching, 24 hours deep 'tailor made' sessions for personal awakening.

It's all we can't see that keep up everything.

Help the Coachee to meet his own Divine Nature, his own Inner Beauty, the 'original principle' that makes us unique and special.
Social conventions, beliefs learned to respond to internal and external models and expectations, often push the person to forget his original gift and wonder, his own happiness. That's why that sense of dissatisfaction which often people feel, where perhaps lies that sense of unfulfillment. This is a more specific Coaching process to encourage and unveil Natural Beauty and "Divine Self". Bring out our Natural Divine Gift and Well Being.
Discover a natural way of working, the divine grace that makes us unique without "overperform." The Coaching process takes place using a set of models that allow the Coachee to "see" through positive, negative, reflective and epistemological questions and feedback. Giving back organizing principles and metaphorical final tasks for the coaching follow up.
The Coaching Model works as a sort of "mirror" for the Coachee to realize where he is "stuck", what he can do to "move" using both visible and invisible "resources".
It is a sort of journey of "immersion" and "re-emergence" on the surface, where the person is not able to venture alone. The expert guidance of a professional who "sees" from the outside helps the Client to clarify and activate the necessary resources to overcome a crise and increase a performance. All this starts from a systemic perspective made of generative complementarities and connections, models for personal awareness and communication between different "worlds" to activate processes of empowerment and freedom for the Coachee.
Each of us is a " divine messenger", has its own nature and natural talent often forgotten or hidden. This coaching process is focused on reconnecting people to their healthy divine nature, the precious and beautiful gift that each of us can express in the world to make it more beautiful and aware.




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